International Working Women's Day

In advance hope all women happy International Working Women's Day


"IWD" is short of International Working Women's Day, that is also named United Nations women's rights and international peace day. As the date is 8th, March, Chinese people always call it “san ba fu nv jie


Since 8th, March, 1909(theChicagowomen fight for equality between men and women rallies) to the 21st century, it has been a journey of hundred years. There are different ways to celebrating it in different places. It is a holiday for celebrating contribution and remarkable achievements of women in areas such as economic, politic and society.

Now in most places, this holiday lost the political significance, and has changed to be a very simple holiday that men shows love to women.


Now in China, women will be given special treatment and love on the Working Women's Day. From the morning of 8th, March, they may be far away the home work like cooking, cleaning the room and dishes. They can also receive gifts such as a necklace or flower or something special, that excite them a lot.


What’s more? What’s the most happy thing for the women, shopping, of course. Every Smart business man won’t lose this good chance to make the money from women, so during this holiday, there will be lot of discount products for women choose, such as garment, shoes, bags or cosmetic.


Parts of our products are for household cleaning, we can totally understand how toilsome the house cleaning is, so we in advance hope every women a happy holiday.