Nice visit of our customer from South korea

So nice visit of our customer from South korea

On 27th, March, our south korea Customers Mr. Piao & Mr. Kim visited to our office. Mr. Piao is living in China now, but Mr. Kim is living in Jeju, they all came by Airplane from South korea. As we even haven't seen each other before this visit, so we are all very excited to see each other.

During our meeting in the morning of 27th, March, We mainly talked about the BR001-Long wooden handle broom & BR003-dyeing green broom, that have a big market in South korea.

After knowing that more than 80% brooms they use are imported from us, Mr. Piao & Mr. Kim were all very shocked, they felt very lucky to find us(the direct factory) to supply the top quality products. Mr. Kim is the bigger broom distributor in Jeju, so we wished this is a good start for our two companies to make more chance for cooperation.  

After the meaningfull and happy talking, we took Mr. Piao & Mr. Kim to go for lunch. Considering they are all from South korea and there is a famous delicious korea restaurant near us, after our discussion, we decided to go there.

Below is the photo during our lunch:)